Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Where Have YOU Been?

WOW! It only took me an entire year to get back to blogging. Hopefully, I will be more diligent, but I can not make any promises right now. :)

So where have I been...

Well, that is a long story. One that started nearly a month after my last post. The biggest reason for my absense has been that we started homeschooling our oldest 4 children in August of last year. (My plan is to share the whys and hows as I have time.) Of course, what first year of homeschooling would be complete without its share of drama? Not only did we begin homeschooling, but my hubby worked out-of-town and lived at home on the weekends for the first 5 months of our adventure. As soon as John returned home, my Mom had her second hip-replacement and she lived with us for the 5 weeks of her recovery. Finally, Grandma was feeling better, but all of sudden, I was not! We, then, found out Baby #7 was to be expected in October. Whew! Just typing that wears me out!!!!

Our school year offically ends tomorrow and it has been a good year. I am very thankful! John is home, our children are still happy and healthy, my Mom is walking well and even quit smoking(!!), Baby 7 is a girl. My due date is October 19th. God continues to bless us abundantly!

I hope to share more in the coming days ahead, but for now I will leave you with our Easter picture of the children

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  1. I didn't even know you had a blog until today! :-) I'll be glad to hear what's happening in the Dickmann household!